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Grupo HIMA•San Pablo

Grupo HIMA•San Pablo is a leader in the health care industry, with a strong commitment to curing and treating health conditions affecting patients around the world. Click for more info.

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Quality American Medical Care For Much Less

When you are considering your treatment options, it makes sense to shop around for the best healthcare value. There are so many choices in domestic and overseas medical providers, and generally the care is very good. But what if you could find quality, U.S.-trained and board-certified physicians at Joint Commission-accredited hospital facilities on American soil? A healthcare system known for its advanced technology, modern care protocols and excellent results?
Welcome to HIMAHEALTH , a Leading American Medical Provider of Affordable Healthcare.

Advanced Facilities

HIMAHEALTH has created a thoroughly advanced healthcare model built expressly for the traveling patient. We’ve dedicated ourselves to procuring the most modern diagnostic, surgical and treatment methodologies and equipment. We’ve upgraded our facilities by creating “centers” for specific branches of medicine where leading-edge diagnostic and treatment areas are placed adjacent to each other. The equipment and the staff are dedicated solely to these centers so that the patient enjoys the collective wisdom of our physicians, knowledgeable nurses and the right equipment for that particular branch of medicine.

U.S. Board-Certified Physicians

You’ll rest assured that your physician is board certified in the U.S. where medical standards are regarded as the finest in the world. Most of our physicians have studied or trained on the U.S. mainland at the finest universities and hospitals. Our English-speaking physicians are carefully selected from the best programs around the world to bring their specific expertise to HIMAHEALTH. With these topflight surgeons and physicians, we’ve created several core health centers that rival the most renowned centers in the world. You can review our hospital's CMS data and see for yourself how HIMAHEALTH compares to other health institutions. We’re proud to share our record of excellent healthcare in the hands of our capable doctors.

Easy, Familiar Travel and Lodging

Puerto Rico is easy to get to, offers top-quality accommodations and a friendly, familiar atmosphere. As an independent commonwealth of the United States, you’ll find the currency is the U.S. dollar, that there is no passport requirement when traveling from mainland U.S., and that most people are bilingual in English and Spanish. Many of the hotels, resorts, restaurants and stores are familiar American brands along with excellent local offerings. Because of the exquisite tropical climate, Puerto Rico has benefited from a longstanding investment in tourism infrastructure so you have a wide choice of lodgings for your pre-op and recuperation period. Many patients elect to extend their stay and bring their families along to combine their healthcare with a vacation.

We Take Care of All the Details

HIMAHEALTH goes the extra mile for you by coordinating all the details of your visit. Our concierge service will create a customized itinerary for your trip, incorporating the flights, transportation, lodging, medical care, nursing and post-op treatment, and more. Our patients appreciate this added service, and we believe it creates a more relaxed atmosphere for your treatment and recovery. You’re in good hands with HIMAHEALTH.